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Pod Labs Nespresso Compatible Moroccan Mint Tea (10 Capsules)

Pod Labs Nespresso Compatible Moroccan Mint Tea (10 Capsules)

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    • Refreshing blend familiar with Singaporean taste buds

    • Recommended lungo volume of 110 ml

    • Add more water if the flavour is too strong

    • We highly recommend adding ice to make it a refreshing drink

    • All natural, no additional flavour enhancers and preservatives added


Strength – 4.5 out of 5 on the lungo option (approx. 100 – 110 ml depending on machine settings).

Based on a traditional blend originating from the Maghred region in North Africa, our intricate capsule is made from 100% Moroccan mint leaves. Mint tea is central to the cultural and social fabric of Morocco. Enjoy the hospitality of this beautiful country with a cup of fragrant and refreshing mint tea from the comfort of your home.

Best advice – Drink the mint tea with a little bit of sugar to enhance the mint flavour profile, similar to the Moroccan tradition.

Recommended use:

    1. Flush the system – This ensures that the temperature of the water going through the capsule is optimal.

    1. Insert capsule and select volume – Choose lungo (bigger cup icon) once for a strong brew or twice for a milder brew.

    1. Watch the magic happen – Smell the fine fragrance. Extraction could take up to a minute depending on machine settings.

    1. Add your condiments – Go sugar free or sweeten the tea with a dash of sugar.

    1. Enjoy your beverage - Sit back and savour your tea.

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