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[Bundle of 6 Special] Pod Labs Nespresso Compatible Thai Tea (60 Capsules)

[Bundle of 6 Special] Pod Labs Nespresso Compatible Thai Tea (60 Capsules)

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A traditional blend that has been honed for more than 60 years allows for a perfect balance of the familiar Thai tea fragrance and earthiness. The highest quality products ensure that each cup brings you back to the bustling streets of Thailand’s famous night markets.

Strength – 4.5 out of 5 on the lungo option (approx. 100 – 110 ml depending on machine settings)

Depending on your preference, you could extract the Thai Tea capsule once via the bigger lungo option (bigger cup icon) and once more via the espresso option (smaller cup icon) to get a milder taste.

Best advice - Drink with condensed milk to get the authentic Thai Milk Tea flavour profile. Surprisingly, a little more sweetness brings out the full flavour of the Thai Tea!

Recommended use:

1. Flush the system – This ensures that the temperature of the water going through the capsule is optimal.

2. Insert capsule and select volume – Choose lungo (bigger cup icon) once for a strong brew or once more via the espresso option (smaller cup icon) to get a milder brew.

3. Watch the magic happen – Smell the fine fragrance of the tea. Extraction could take up to a minute depending on machine settings.

4. Add your condiments – Recreate traditional Thai market style milk tea by adding sugar, condensed milk or evaporated milk (you can even add them all!) to taste.

5. Enjoy your beverage – Sit back and savour your tea.

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